Aegisth, God of Protection

Aegisth is the son of Soltis.

Aegisth, the elven hero of lore, is one and the same with the god. Born of a noble upbringing, Aegisth marched forth on the world with pride of his heritage. He traveled the world protecting the innocent and upholding the law. He marched forth for decades against the tyranny of evil, standing behind his iconic mirrored shield.

"Give them a chance to see their wickedness."

After a century of travelling and protecting the innocent, Aegisth eventually met a woman whose name is forgotten by time. She took his heart and they started a life together. Eventually they had a daughter together, and the moved to the City of Ash. News of war waged ahead, and Aegisth left his family in pursuit of the Demon Lord of Hatred, Elberuz.

Travelling through the plain of fire for five years, Aegisth met Elberuz and drew his spear. Elberuz, knowing of the plan hatched by Aegisth, erupted the volcano that was his home, incinerating the City of Ash and killing all the inhabitants. Aegisth defeated Elberuz, and went home a god. Upon discovering his family being slaughtered, Aegisth grew angry and slowly seeped to madness. Eventually being referred to as "The Lord of Cinder," he marched the volcanic city with such vile hatred.

Five hundred years pass, and five adventurers set upon the City of Ash. Mordecai, Mehnlo, Sebastian, Jargo and Rhinoclese find the Fallen Aegisth, and confont him. They defeat the fallen paladin and free him of his hatred, freeing Elberuz in the process. In one final attempt to protect those he loved, he sealed the volcano away, after freeing the adventurers from the eruption spewing forth.

Aegisth seal is a Mirrored Shield accompanied by a silver spear.

Aegisth, God of Protection

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