The Great Divide

D&D 3.0

A Cut Above

The party composed themselves on the top of the first tower alongside Weiss. Weiss informed the group of the mouth of Voldir, and Kraven thought it was best to move forward and slow down the caravan. Hoping that he can make a difference he embarked forth.

Noah, Hammer and Callum marched forth into the ethereal portal spanning over the Great Divide. They walked for a few hours before finding themselves at the next tower.

They embarked inside, finding four statues encased in ice, a monstrous being in the centre encased in ice, and a smaller figure that just seemed to melt.

The smaller figure turned out to be a new Ally, Magnus Castellain, an adept gunslinger. The centre creature emerged forth, turning into a large fire elemental. They quickly disposed of it and went into the arcane circle in the middle of the room.

They emerged in a room encased in ice. After a few moments, they discovered a few campfires underneath the water. Callum and hammer, who are acclimated to the cold, embarked under the water and eventually released the seal to the room, sending the floor floating up and the party adventuring through.

The next floor they came upon had a ring of cobblstone surround fourty foot deep water. Upon contact with the water, Callum and Magnus were pulled below by some creature. Magnus escaped early, but Callum was struggling. The party eventually dispatched these water beings and head up to the next floor.

Five statues stood in front of the Shockabrahs, a judicator, a dead noble, a knight, a servant and an old man. Studying the puzzle, the party decided to kill all those who were guilty, exposing the truth to the puzzle and getting some sweet loot in the process.

The next floor up, the party finds themselves exploring rooms. An armory of little interest, a library containing secrets on hitting on Halflings, and a childs room with a sword engraved with MC on it. This sword sent Magnus on a psychic trip. A centre room held a table shrouded in darkness, which the party sat down at. A shadowy figure emerged, offering to exchange information for gold, or goods for that matter. Hammer bought a few necessities, while Magnus asked the stranger what this sword does, and the stranger took the sword and escaped. They compose themselves and head up the next portal.

This floor contained beds and trunks for the party to explore. Findind a new pistol, Magnus was quite content. They ended up finding quite a bit of loot. They ransack the whole place before heading up the stairs to the top floor.

The top floor looks over Castellain, and a knight clad in gold and black stands there. Mistaking Hammer for Mordecai, the knight apologizes, and asks the party their purpose. After discovering the party, Magnus in particular, gave Voldir the Bladestaff of Castellain, Vancourt decides to enlist the party and open the seals. however, he would only do this is the party could defeat him in combat.

First action Magnus lands a shot, second action Magnus lies wounded on the ground. The combat ensues with high lethality, and the Shockabrahs emerge victorious. Vancourt thanks the party, and hands Hammer a shield of his comrade, Sebastian.


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