The Great Divide

D&D 6.0

Corsairs and Catacombs

The party talks with Mordecai quite a bit, who eventually makes them pancakes. They realize they are heading to the Healing Circle towers. Mordecai opens the seal, and the rain and thunder begin to pour.

They adventure forth along the walls, as the Thunder and Lightning begin to crack all around them. They pick up their pace, and eventually a fog cloud envelops them from front and back. A bunch of Corsairs accost them, and ask them to drop their weapons.

They wear their Veridian cloaks and escort the party to the tower. The party then are forced upstairs and meet the King of the Healing Circle, along with his trusty sidekick, Fendor the Arcane Cleric.

orion sees something different, he sees the visage of Aegisth, the son of his God. After the party discuss with the Lord Rhinoclese of how they wish to open the seals. Rhinoclese informs the party that they need to find the keys in the catacombs below. Rhinoclese then asks Orion to stay a moment.

The party leave, and Orion confronts Aegisth about the deception. Aegisth explains that Rhinoclese, while mortal, is sealed here with Voldir as well. This vessel though it has died many times serves it purpose. Aegisth then asks Orion to place his faith in himself, and draw his blade into his heart. Orion complies, and draws a Lightbearer Cutlass from his heart. Blessed with a weapon of the Gods, the party ventures forth.

Magnus meets Jarome, a gunsmith and gun vendor in the tower. The pirates, after having some fun about price, they laugh it off and say friendship is the only currency they take. (I'm sure Theron wants to send a Level 3 Friendship into the Med Bay)

They adventure into the Catacombs and explore for five hours. Looking for Keys. They discover the first in an hour, the second in four, and the last in five. On these travels they encounter wights, wisps and a Deathwisp, who specifically looks for Orion himself. After they slay the deathwisp they encounter the Dismortuum, the decayed 3 armed monstrosity ravaging the catacombs. They take off. The party finds the final key and then they head towards the way out. The Dismortuum then drops on them and starts combat.

After a flurry of blows, 3 shots, Magnus then hucks his pistol at the beast, defeating it with such panache. noah looks upon this creatures Mask and goes full nope on that shit. Theron however, dons the mask and they continue on their quest.

They return and speak to Rhinoclese who opens the way, and then he asks the party to spend the night. During the night, Theron dons the Mask, and heads down to the medical bay.

He draws his longsword, and slays a cleric before sending a level 3 friendship to the wounded. After slaughtering 60 people, Theron then places the mask on the bodies, summoning two Dismortuums, and stands realizing what he did as they face him.



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