The Great Divide

D&D 6.0
Corsairs and Catacombs

The party talks with Mordecai quite a bit, who eventually makes them pancakes. They realize they are heading to the Healing Circle towers. Mordecai opens the seal, and the rain and thunder begin to pour.

They adventure forth along the walls, as the Thunder and Lightning begin to crack all around them. They pick up their pace, and eventually a fog cloud envelops them from front and back. A bunch of Corsairs accost them, and ask them to drop their weapons.

They wear their Veridian cloaks and escort the party to the tower. The party then are forced upstairs and meet the King of the Healing Circle, along with his trusty sidekick, Fendor the Arcane Cleric.

orion sees something different, he sees the visage of Aegisth, the son of his God. After the party discuss with the Lord Rhinoclese of how they wish to open the seals. Rhinoclese informs the party that they need to find the keys in the catacombs below. Rhinoclese then asks Orion to stay a moment.

The party leave, and Orion confronts Aegisth about the deception. Aegisth explains that Rhinoclese, while mortal, is sealed here with Voldir as well. This vessel though it has died many times serves it purpose. Aegisth then asks Orion to place his faith in himself, and draw his blade into his heart. Orion complies, and draws a Lightbearer Cutlass from his heart. Blessed with a weapon of the Gods, the party ventures forth.

Magnus meets Jarome, a gunsmith and gun vendor in the tower. The pirates, after having some fun about price, they laugh it off and say friendship is the only currency they take. (I'm sure Theron wants to send a Level 3 Friendship into the Med Bay)

They adventure into the Catacombs and explore for five hours. Looking for Keys. They discover the first in an hour, the second in four, and the last in five. On these travels they encounter wights, wisps and a Deathwisp, who specifically looks for Orion himself. After they slay the deathwisp they encounter the Dismortuum, the decayed 3 armed monstrosity ravaging the catacombs. They take off. The party finds the final key and then they head towards the way out. The Dismortuum then drops on them and starts combat.

After a flurry of blows, 3 shots, Magnus then hucks his pistol at the beast, defeating it with such panache. noah looks upon this creatures Mask and goes full nope on that shit. Theron however, dons the mask and they continue on their quest.

They return and speak to Rhinoclese who opens the way, and then he asks the party to spend the night. During the night, Theron dons the Mask, and heads down to the medical bay.

He draws his longsword, and slays a cleric before sending a level 3 friendship to the wounded. After slaughtering 60 people, Theron then places the mask on the bodies, summoning two Dismortuums, and stands realizing what he did as they face him.


D&D 5.0
Silvermoon brings Ashes About

Following the death of Callum, the party heads into Silvermoon tower. Ravenous informs the party that things are going to become more difficult as it progresses. He then requests that Evy stay at the tower and they take a Wizard with them.

The wizard, Theron, turned out to be a nuisance on Ravenous and company. Theron immolated an unkempt beard, therefore get out. A druid named Emerald is sent forth as an Emissary for the Silvermoons, but she trusts no one. She keeps to herself. A cleric demonstrating his faith joins them as well, Orion is his name.

They hang out the tower for a bit, and they eventually progress forth to the Tower of Brass. As they travel along the walls they are set upon by some shadow monks and a shadow caster. After a well placed fireball spell, the party then heads into the tower of brass.

The tower itself is destroyed from someone ransacking it recently. They explore for a bit and Orion finds an old book. He restores it to its original condition and its a spell manual specializing in Lightning spells.

The party adventures around the tower. Hammer and Magnus go into a dining room, Hammer inspects a painting only to discover a false wall behind it. He finds mounds of gold and keeps it for himself.

Theron enters a study, when he goes to grab a paper a Spider discharges on him (lol) and takes a large chunk of his health. The party fights and they press on. They head up to the second floor.

On the second floor they discover that there is a mound of bodies stacked in one room. Incisions on their bodies in the same place. They think something foul is afoot. Party progresses into the next room where they find 10 tubes filled with liquid.

Noah speaks to a construct inside one of the tubes. The construct then asks where his master is. Noah successfully convinces the construct that he is his father. "Norman" as he was named then smashes open the other tubes, exposing some sort of corrosive ooze. The ooze then attacks Magnus and envelops his pistol, destroying it on contact.

Norman then seals himself away with the ooze, slowly dissolving himself watching the life fade from his eyes. Noah is upset. The party lay their respects and head forth towards the next room.

They find themselves in a dining room and then head into a portrait room. Magnus then gets sucked into a painting and hung. They come out on the other side and find themselves in a kitchen. They discover ales poured for them and decide to consume the ale. They head upstairs.

Heading upstairs they are informed by one of the Golem Servants that their master is waiting for them in the main office. Upon entering the office they discover a body of a Tiefling Sorceror, bloodied and dead.

Eventually they are beset upon by some Alvain Mystics, who are easily disposed of. The party then discovers the owner of the tower, Mordecai, who flies in and scoffs at them for destroying his tower. He laughs at the party stealing all his gold, and then asks them for assistance cleaning up.

D&D 4.0
House of Wolves

The party starts on the top of the Tower of Castellain. Vancourt informs the party of heading to the west, to the next tower. He tells the party to follow him and they head downstairs, where they meet up with Cedrick. After a few battle plans, Vancourt informs the party that they must have at least one Greenshield traveling with them, so he will brand whomever wants to be branded. 

The whole party decides to be branded, and they pin Noah down branding him as well. Cedrick retrieves a Druid named Evy, saying she could escort them to House Silvermoon. The party agrees, and they take the night to prepare.

Magnus meets up with the Blacksmith and tries to learn more about the gun. The study like nerds for a bit. Callum commissions a silvered longsword, and same with hammer.

The party embarks taking the upper part of the tower. They are accosted by a Shadowy figure that fights like a paladin. Clearly its not. They mow him down with ease and continue forth. A few minutes pass before they notice a shadowy dragon figure chasing them. They high tail it and emerge at house Silvermoon wounded.

Figures dart past and Noah notices right away that shits about to go down. They prepare for combat. Werewolves. WHAT THE HECK! They kill the werewolves without anyone being cursed with Lycanthropy. The head to the door.

Evy opens the door to the tower. The party notices a dog skull sitting on a throne. They show interest but cower instead. They explore the rooms and find some water. They head up to the next floor.

Hammer explores, finding the corpse of a Dead child with rocks on his belt, they assume it to eb Rokbudt from the caravan. What the hell is going on in Castellain? They continue exploring, only to discover some Druids. Hammer smashes their face in without even consulting them. Magnus then snipes one and kills them as well.

Noah discovers a teddy bear. Teddy bear talks. Noah creeped out. Jeff the Bear. The bear begins to talk. Party finds a lantern that shows the strings holding the teddy bears up. Something is controlling them. They also find a Bag with a Rope that talks! And healing ointment! Neato!

They spend some time creeped out by the bear, decide to take him and head to the next floor.

A moon phase puzzle. Party spends 20 minutes (Real Time) trying to discover what moon phase properly applied to this situation. As the party is trying to solve the Riddle, Noah heads up the stairs.

A heavy wind echoes against the heavy iron doors. He peeks forth but doesn't see anything other than glinting white and silver. Jeff the bear is standing right behind him. Creeped out he runs down the stairs to the party. The party decides to investigate whatever is up there.

Surprise, its a Dragon. Roll for initiative.

The party all climb up to the edges of the tower and begin taking shots at the dragon. They deal some formidable blows, but the dragon comes down and gusts them to the ground. Dropping the party twenty feet and dealing quite a large amount of damage they take shots at it from the ground. It flies out of sight. They pursue.

Callum jumps at the dragon, and moves right through it as if it was the wind. He ends up on an upper platform. Callum and the dragon go toe to toe before Callum falls unconscious. Hammer climbs up to the top and begins to try to take the Dragons attention. The dragon reacts and sends Callum flying off the tower to his death.

The party soon after defeats the Wind Dragon.

A purple cloaked individual welding a Great Scythe stands before them, his name, Ravenous.

D&D 3.0
A Cut Above

The party composed themselves on the top of the first tower alongside Weiss. Weiss informed the group of the mouth of Voldir, and Kraven thought it was best to move forward and slow down the caravan. Hoping that he can make a difference he embarked forth.

Noah, Hammer and Callum marched forth into the ethereal portal spanning over the Great Divide. They walked for a few hours before finding themselves at the next tower.

They embarked inside, finding four statues encased in ice, a monstrous being in the centre encased in ice, and a smaller figure that just seemed to melt.

The smaller figure turned out to be a new Ally, Magnus Castellain, an adept gunslinger. The centre creature emerged forth, turning into a large fire elemental. They quickly disposed of it and went into the arcane circle in the middle of the room.

They emerged in a room encased in ice. After a few moments, they discovered a few campfires underneath the water. Callum and hammer, who are acclimated to the cold, embarked under the water and eventually released the seal to the room, sending the floor floating up and the party adventuring through.

The next floor they came upon had a ring of cobblstone surround fourty foot deep water. Upon contact with the water, Callum and Magnus were pulled below by some creature. Magnus escaped early, but Callum was struggling. The party eventually dispatched these water beings and head up to the next floor.

Five statues stood in front of the Shockabrahs, a judicator, a dead noble, a knight, a servant and an old man. Studying the puzzle, the party decided to kill all those who were guilty, exposing the truth to the puzzle and getting some sweet loot in the process.

The next floor up, the party finds themselves exploring rooms. An armory of little interest, a library containing secrets on hitting on Halflings, and a childs room with a sword engraved with MC on it. This sword sent Magnus on a psychic trip. A centre room held a table shrouded in darkness, which the party sat down at. A shadowy figure emerged, offering to exchange information for gold, or goods for that matter. Hammer bought a few necessities, while Magnus asked the stranger what this sword does, and the stranger took the sword and escaped. They compose themselves and head up the next portal.

This floor contained beds and trunks for the party to explore. Findind a new pistol, Magnus was quite content. They ended up finding quite a bit of loot. They ransack the whole place before heading up the stairs to the top floor.

The top floor looks over Castellain, and a knight clad in gold and black stands there. Mistaking Hammer for Mordecai, the knight apologizes, and asks the party their purpose. After discovering the party, Magnus in particular, gave Voldir the Bladestaff of Castellain, Vancourt decides to enlist the party and open the seals. however, he would only do this is the party could defeat him in combat.

First action Magnus lands a shot, second action Magnus lies wounded on the ground. The combat ensues with high lethality, and the Shockabrahs emerge victorious. Vancourt thanks the party, and hands Hammer a shield of his comrade, Sebastian.

D&D 2.0
Tongue Twisters

The Shockabrahs starts their quest heading back from the clearing towards the caravan. Chanting was heard as they approached, "Voldir, Voldir, Voldir." The Shockabrahs notice a few cultists approaching through the woods, pointing towards the clearing where they were. The Shockabrahs approach, and they stand at a standstill. Cultists point, and they point back. The party then notice that they are being held up, that the cultists are burning their time. So Noah shatters them all out of existence.

They make their way back to the caravan, where they witness Axton cutting down the cultists. Axton flags them over, and gets them to assist. They dispatch waves and waves of the Cultists before hearing a war horn in the distance. Half the cultists flee, while the others slit their throats and immolate into pyres of black fire. A voice bellows out challenging the four who killed his sons to fight in the clearing or die where they stand.

As this happens, this ebony and purple clad knight approaches, which flail and crescent axe in hand. He stands at the edge of the caravan and asks the party, in one hour, where they would like to fight. Some time passes and they learn of Talon's humanity and honor. He will not attack, but he will kill them when the time is right. They utilize the hour to go through a short rest and fight him just outside of the caravan. Talon asks the party if they can move a little further so that the children did not have to see more bloodshed.

The battle ensues, and sadly Talon, my best creation ever, falls in combat. His head lopped off by the bard, Noah, in his fallen angel form. What a twist!

They then pack up for the night and head north, as Axton is freaking out. The party rests a little bit before noticing a tower in the distance. They prepare for the tower, and as they do Axton goes missing. Hammerhead tries talking to Callum about the boy with the missing tongue, but the citizens of the caravan overhear. They being to panic and freak out. Noah eventually calms them down, by being exceptionally condescending to them.

They pack up and head to the tower, Traelyorne approaches them and gives them another handful of potions. He then informs them that on the outside of the building it says in Orcish "GET OOT". Canadian Orcs.

The party embarks into the tower, kicking in the door and opening combat with a bang. They see a large pus-covered orc up agianst the wall and four others at a crude table. They open fire on the party. Noah hops in, narrowly missing a spike trap right off the bat. [SETTING THE TONE FOR THE TOWER] They kill many of the little orcs before pus-daddy comes in and explodes in their face, poisoning them for the duration of the combat. They narrowly dispatch the Orcs, and clear out the spike pit so that no one gets hurt.

Then Kraven motions the caravan to come inside, for which they do, and the party heads further up into the tower. The second floor is a room with oddly spaced and at different height flagstone tiles. A skeleton lies at the opposing end of the room on some of these tiles. A few moments pass, and after a few attempts at testing the tiles, Callum jumps across to the other end of the room, landing right near the skeleton.

The party tests each and every tile in this room, noticing that all the pressure plates set the bolt throwers off. Callum picks up the skeleton and steps on the tile, the bolts dont go off. After further testing, Callum heads back, grabs Noah and carries the skeleton with him. They end up opening the door, only to see a lever sitting there in a neutral position. Kraven and Hammerhead follow suit. They ignore the lever all together and head to the next floor.

On the third floor, they try to open the large iron door, which falls off its hinges and makes a ruckus. Axton, locked in a jail cell across from them, tells them to be quiet because the jailers are nearby. He tells them to open up the control room and let him out. As they explore the cells, they meet an Orog, who is definitely not trustworthy. The Orog talks about how he is in jail because he only killed 22 and not 24. Kraven heads further down and examines the three remaining cells. One has a skeleton killed with a dagger, another has skeletons floor to ceiling packed to the brim, and the last one seems completely empty aside from the writing on the walls.

Hammer heads into the control room, to experience (keyword), two of the pus orcs going at it. Noah explodes them in a vile violent disgusting art all over Hammer, who staves off most of the blow. They open the cells, only to experience the Orog getting up and prompting combat. They go full bore against each other and Callum drops in the fight, taking a great axe twice to the chest. They dispatch the Orog with Axton, and Axton returns to the people downstairs.

Kraven inspects the dagger, only to find that the man was murdered for something. Hammer, inspecting the cell beside him, hears about a polished stone that the murdered cell mate may have had. Hammer heads back, and discovers the stone. They venture forward through the contesting cell and see a long sword covered in mold against the wall.

Callum approached the longsword, and drops to the ground, frozen. Hammer pulls him out, then attempts to get the sword, also freezing and almost dying. Kraven then attempts to cut the mold, and also drops. Lastly, Noah freezes the sword and it slinks to the ground. Their first magic weapon.


They head up another flight of stairs to the fourth floor. "Be careful & be mindful of others, mind your manners." The warning written on the door before them. They head into the room to encounter thirteen arcane braziers that illuminated and made noise when they were touched. Another warning stood upon the door heading higher up. "Be respectful for those sleeping and you will become the light."

Kraven and Hammerhead played a beautiful rendition of All-Star, yet the door did not open. It closed more actually. Callum stood there for a moment before he just tried the door, and they ventured higher up.

They head to the fifth room, where they encountered all sorts of traps. Guillotines, flamethrowers, oil pits, pitfalls. All of which stood no match for the Shockabrahs. Hammer ventured forth first, jumping past the pressure plates, and finding  a pitfall that head underneath the ground. He followed it, to find it came up on the other side of the wall. A few minutes past and the party followed him. As they all crawled through the underground path, they found it was filling with oil. They panicked, hearing the clicking of flint and tinder and just lost it. Hoping out of the oil they stood in a hallway. Callum, looking to the distance, saw a flame flickering in the wall opposed to them, and head further  towards a dead end. Hammer found a hatch with water that looked like oil, and Callum dove into it, just water. They emerged on the other end, looking to the door that head higher. As the party emerged from the trap door, Callum opened the door heading upstairs, setting off a dart trap.

Noah narrowly dodged the bolt, while Hammer took it to the back of the neck, before collapsing from exhaustion for ten minutes. They head up another floor, carrying Hammer with them. 

Upon opening the door, they found arcane scrawling all across the room and this angered Elven mage in the Centre of the room. He turned to the party to cast a spell but it fizzled out. He then snapped his wrist and Electrical wings sprouted from his back. He looked oddly a lot like Gorre, the old man from the caravan. He yelled out to the party "YOU WORK FOR THEM DON'T YOU."

Gorre and the party fight in an epic sense, Callum takes the first thunder punch, getting knocked off his feet. The party begin pelting Gorre with multiple arrows, but it seems like its barely working. Kraven rushes him with his new longsword, slicing and dicing, cutting Gorre to bits, before Gorre lands a punch sending Kraven flying unconscious into the wall. Noah, seeing this, sent whispers into Gorres mind, driving him mad and killing him all together.

They loot his corpse taking his cloak, some chalk, a polished purple longsword, and a brooch. They then find a riddle blocking this floor. Hammer, solves the cypher and they head up to the top of the tower.

At the top of the tower is a partially drawn sigil and a doorway heading over the great divide. Noah completes the sigil and towers begin to rise out of the Great Divide Swamp. As this happens a familiar voice echoes behind them.

He introduces himself as Weiss Lothander, who has been trapped here for about a century. "WHAT?" the party thinks, "WEISS IS DOWNSTAIRS THEY THOUGHT."

Weiss informs them off a few things:

  1. The Greenshields are an order of Paladins (Order of the Ancients) who are obliged to guard the towers (Seals) to keep Voldir in check.
  2. Axton is his real father, but his father has been dead for quite some time.
  3. There is no caravan below them, they must've left as they were in the tower.
  4. The moon is almost full, and Weiss thinks that the caravan is actually for sacrificing them to the mouth of Voldir.
  5. Gorre was a circle mage and one of the first people who sealed this place.
  6. The Talons are honor knights who are dispatched by the Greenshields on contracts and assignments to kill. They mean no harm other than to their contracts.
  7. The Blackhearts are the cultists that are doing this.
  8. That he suspects Voldir is coming back full force.
  9. That this was a good plot arc, because Caravans are stoopid lets save the world guys!
D&D 1.0

Our party all meet up in the fields north of Nafora. They meet up with the caravan they've been instructed to escort. Axton Lothander, the chief of the village, approachs them, greets them and tells them they shoudl get a move on. Through the first day everything seems relatively fine, the party keep to themselves and take it upon themselves to view this mission with upmost professionalism. After a few hours, a group of bandits approach from the distance, asking for their gold, and the party quickly dispatch them.

They travel forth for a few more hours before making camp for the evening. Axton speaks to Noah and Calum about a nightmare that has been haunting him for quite some time. Noah spots an elderly elf listening in on their conversation, and approaches him asking him what he's doing listening. After hours of interrogation, they find out that the symbol around Gorre's neck was that of the same vision Axton was seeing. The party then embarks forward, finding a few killed merchants on the side of the road.

They follow forward, looking to see what may have happened to the merchants, spotting tracks along the path. Kobold tracks lead further towards a cave amongst the tree line, and they follow forth into it. As they make their way into the cave, they find themselves set upon by some Kobold. They quickly dispatch the first wave of kobold and press into the next room. More kobold group together, and with finely weaved arcane action, Noah turns them into powder in less than 12 seconds. They press forward to the final room, where Noah's magic is matched by a Kobold Sorcerer, who takes out Calum almost immediately.  They party struggle, but complete the task and press forth. 

Noah takes a moment and looks around the room, finding jewels embedded into the wall, from which he pries them out. The earth begins to shake and quake, and he hurriedly tries to place them back. After the quake stops, he takes the jewels back with him. Hammerhead finds himself a shiny blue cloak, and Kraven finds himself a sack of gold, which he keeps for himself.

They head back to the caravan for a few moments. A woman from the caravan heads over to the party, informing her of her son being missing. Not too long passes before hearing Weiss freak out about dragons in the distance. The party reluctantly agree to go and take the dragons on before they can do any harm to the caravan. They slowly start to suspect Weiss of some foul play.

They head into the clearing, and find themselves looking at the child who was missing from the caravan. They ask the boy to speak but he refuses to. Hammerhead approaches, and opens the mouth of the boy, which prompts the boy to perish, black blood flows forth from his mouth and eyes, and his tongue is missing. Dual Black Dragons fade in from the mist, and the party starts the fight deafened. They dispatch the dragons quickly before noticing the boy propped up on the stump.

After a short interaction with whomever was possessing the corpse of the boy, they are informed that the 28 remaining people are all targets of his. The voice disappears and the party hears chanting moving towards the caravan. Voldir. Voldir. Voldir.

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