Callum "Dawncaller" Obsidiana

Wanders the great expanse coveting freedom.




Callum “Dawncaller” Obsidiana

  • Captured at a very young age and imprisoned by Goblins.
  • This clan of Goblins hadn’t encountered Goliaths before, and Callum’s growth had been stunted for quite some time, which was an oddity.They knew he was strong and could work long days, hence making him a worthy asset in the Underdark mines.
  • For 20 years he remained in captivity, and on his 28th birthday, Callum hit a growth spurt…
    Over the course of 2 weeks, Callum went from a mere 5 foot 1, to a Goliath 7 foot 3. This transformation to Callum was shocking and painful as he felt his legs, chest and arms grow much wider in size. The long days of working in the Dawncaller Mine of Black Lake had hardened him, made him strong, and made him ready to regain the one thing he sought after since he was a child…his freedom.
  • The goblins usually left Callum to his work, after almost 20 years he had been reliable and trustworthy enough to be left to his devices, picking away furiously collecting minerals and other precious metals that the Goblins coveted.
  • Today Callum was late going into the mines, only a few goblins took notice of his stunning physical change over the past few weeks, but never really felt the impact, their simple minds told them this is what they got for not paying attention to the world around them…but then the thoughts would leave at the prospect of a big gold haul in the following days.
  • There was only one Goblin…one particularly nasty Goblin, Woldert, who happened to be Callum’s foreman. He grew excited in anticipation of Callum’s seemingly monstrous growth, and took all the praise for himself as if all these years of hard work had paid off and he was seeing his progress per day shoot through the roof having a peon like Callum on his dig team now.
  • He hurried over to Callum’s hut to give him a good beating for showing up late. Just as he went to try and kick down Callum’s hut door, that would be the last Woldert remembered for quite some time…and when he came too…Callum was gone.
  • Now, Callum wanders the world, accustomed to The Underdark, he has vowed to see every part of this beautiful world as that opportunity was forcefully taken from him for the past 20 years.
  • He established himself as a useful farm hand, grunt for hire as he could lift quite a bit more than the average human or elf…until he received a letter…adventure awaited and he wasn’t about to let it pass him by.
  • He always wonders what will be in store for him next…

Callum "Dawncaller" Obsidiana

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