The Great Divide

D&D 5.0

Silvermoon brings Ashes About

Following the death of Callum, the party heads into Silvermoon tower. Ravenous informs the party that things are going to become more difficult as it progresses. He then requests that Evy stay at the tower and they take a Wizard with them.

The wizard, Theron, turned out to be a nuisance on Ravenous and company. Theron immolated an unkempt beard, therefore get out. A druid named Emerald is sent forth as an Emissary for the Silvermoons, but she trusts no one. She keeps to herself. A cleric demonstrating his faith joins them as well, Orion is his name.

They hang out the tower for a bit, and they eventually progress forth to the Tower of Brass. As they travel along the walls they are set upon by some shadow monks and a shadow caster. After a well placed fireball spell, the party then heads into the tower of brass.

The tower itself is destroyed from someone ransacking it recently. They explore for a bit and Orion finds an old book. He restores it to its original condition and its a spell manual specializing in Lightning spells.

The party adventures around the tower. Hammer and Magnus go into a dining room, Hammer inspects a painting only to discover a false wall behind it. He finds mounds of gold and keeps it for himself.

Theron enters a study, when he goes to grab a paper a Spider discharges on him (lol) and takes a large chunk of his health. The party fights and they press on. They head up to the second floor.

On the second floor they discover that there is a mound of bodies stacked in one room. Incisions on their bodies in the same place. They think something foul is afoot. Party progresses into the next room where they find 10 tubes filled with liquid.

Noah speaks to a construct inside one of the tubes. The construct then asks where his master is. Noah successfully convinces the construct that he is his father. "Norman" as he was named then smashes open the other tubes, exposing some sort of corrosive ooze. The ooze then attacks Magnus and envelops his pistol, destroying it on contact.

Norman then seals himself away with the ooze, slowly dissolving himself watching the life fade from his eyes. Noah is upset. The party lay their respects and head forth towards the next room.

They find themselves in a dining room and then head into a portrait room. Magnus then gets sucked into a painting and hung. They come out on the other side and find themselves in a kitchen. They discover ales poured for them and decide to consume the ale. They head upstairs.

Heading upstairs they are informed by one of the Golem Servants that their master is waiting for them in the main office. Upon entering the office they discover a body of a Tiefling Sorceror, bloodied and dead.

Eventually they are beset upon by some Alvain Mystics, who are easily disposed of. The party then discovers the owner of the tower, Mordecai, who flies in and scoffs at them for destroying his tower. He laughs at the party stealing all his gold, and then asks them for assistance cleaning up.


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