The Great Divide

D&D 4.0

House of Wolves

The party starts on the top of the Tower of Castellain. Vancourt informs the party of heading to the west, to the next tower. He tells the party to follow him and they head downstairs, where they meet up with Cedrick. After a few battle plans, Vancourt informs the party that they must have at least one Greenshield traveling with them, so he will brand whomever wants to be branded. 

The whole party decides to be branded, and they pin Noah down branding him as well. Cedrick retrieves a Druid named Evy, saying she could escort them to House Silvermoon. The party agrees, and they take the night to prepare.

Magnus meets up with the Blacksmith and tries to learn more about the gun. The study like nerds for a bit. Callum commissions a silvered longsword, and same with hammer.

The party embarks taking the upper part of the tower. They are accosted by a Shadowy figure that fights like a paladin. Clearly its not. They mow him down with ease and continue forth. A few minutes pass before they notice a shadowy dragon figure chasing them. They high tail it and emerge at house Silvermoon wounded.

Figures dart past and Noah notices right away that shits about to go down. They prepare for combat. Werewolves. WHAT THE HECK! They kill the werewolves without anyone being cursed with Lycanthropy. The head to the door.

Evy opens the door to the tower. The party notices a dog skull sitting on a throne. They show interest but cower instead. They explore the rooms and find some water. They head up to the next floor.

Hammer explores, finding the corpse of a Dead child with rocks on his belt, they assume it to eb Rokbudt from the caravan. What the hell is going on in Castellain? They continue exploring, only to discover some Druids. Hammer smashes their face in without even consulting them. Magnus then snipes one and kills them as well.

Noah discovers a teddy bear. Teddy bear talks. Noah creeped out. Jeff the Bear. The bear begins to talk. Party finds a lantern that shows the strings holding the teddy bears up. Something is controlling them. They also find a Bag with a Rope that talks! And healing ointment! Neato!

They spend some time creeped out by the bear, decide to take him and head to the next floor.

A moon phase puzzle. Party spends 20 minutes (Real Time) trying to discover what moon phase properly applied to this situation. As the party is trying to solve the Riddle, Noah heads up the stairs.

A heavy wind echoes against the heavy iron doors. He peeks forth but doesn't see anything other than glinting white and silver. Jeff the bear is standing right behind him. Creeped out he runs down the stairs to the party. The party decides to investigate whatever is up there.

Surprise, its a Dragon. Roll for initiative.

The party all climb up to the edges of the tower and begin taking shots at the dragon. They deal some formidable blows, but the dragon comes down and gusts them to the ground. Dropping the party twenty feet and dealing quite a large amount of damage they take shots at it from the ground. It flies out of sight. They pursue.

Callum jumps at the dragon, and moves right through it as if it was the wind. He ends up on an upper platform. Callum and the dragon go toe to toe before Callum falls unconscious. Hammer climbs up to the top and begins to try to take the Dragons attention. The dragon reacts and sends Callum flying off the tower to his death.

The party soon after defeats the Wind Dragon.

A purple cloaked individual welding a Great Scythe stands before them, his name, Ravenous.


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