The Great Divide

D&D 1.0

Our party all meet up in the fields north of Nafora. They meet up with the caravan they've been instructed to escort. Axton Lothander, the chief of the village, approachs them, greets them and tells them they shoudl get a move on. Through the first day everything seems relatively fine, the party keep to themselves and take it upon themselves to view this mission with upmost professionalism. After a few hours, a group of bandits approach from the distance, asking for their gold, and the party quickly dispatch them.

They travel forth for a few more hours before making camp for the evening. Axton speaks to Noah and Calum about a nightmare that has been haunting him for quite some time. Noah spots an elderly elf listening in on their conversation, and approaches him asking him what he's doing listening. After hours of interrogation, they find out that the symbol around Gorre's neck was that of the same vision Axton was seeing. The party then embarks forward, finding a few killed merchants on the side of the road.

They follow forward, looking to see what may have happened to the merchants, spotting tracks along the path. Kobold tracks lead further towards a cave amongst the tree line, and they follow forth into it. As they make their way into the cave, they find themselves set upon by some Kobold. They quickly dispatch the first wave of kobold and press into the next room. More kobold group together, and with finely weaved arcane action, Noah turns them into powder in less than 12 seconds. They press forward to the final room, where Noah's magic is matched by a Kobold Sorcerer, who takes out Calum almost immediately.  They party struggle, but complete the task and press forth. 

Noah takes a moment and looks around the room, finding jewels embedded into the wall, from which he pries them out. The earth begins to shake and quake, and he hurriedly tries to place them back. After the quake stops, he takes the jewels back with him. Hammerhead finds himself a shiny blue cloak, and Kraven finds himself a sack of gold, which he keeps for himself.

They head back to the caravan for a few moments. A woman from the caravan heads over to the party, informing her of her son being missing. Not too long passes before hearing Weiss freak out about dragons in the distance. The party reluctantly agree to go and take the dragons on before they can do any harm to the caravan. They slowly start to suspect Weiss of some foul play.

They head into the clearing, and find themselves looking at the child who was missing from the caravan. They ask the boy to speak but he refuses to. Hammerhead approaches, and opens the mouth of the boy, which prompts the boy to perish, black blood flows forth from his mouth and eyes, and his tongue is missing. Dual Black Dragons fade in from the mist, and the party starts the fight deafened. They dispatch the dragons quickly before noticing the boy propped up on the stump.

After a short interaction with whomever was possessing the corpse of the boy, they are informed that the 28 remaining people are all targets of his. The voice disappears and the party hears chanting moving towards the caravan. Voldir. Voldir. Voldir.


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